Team Reach
Measuring Accentedness

Welcome to the Reach Homepage.

Meet the Team:

Team Leader

Cameron Gaskin:

is the team Leader. His job is to ensure that the project keeps progressing, as well as assign duties and tasks for the other team members.


Harrison Lambeth
is the team's Architect. He is tasked with creating and organizing the project's code architecture.


Austin Abhari:
is the primary communicator. He makes sure that everyone is on the same page and sends out group emails on primary meeting times.


Erik Dixon:
is the Recorder of this project. As a recorder, he is required to keep track of meeting decisions and discussion, as well as documents that are pertinent to the project.


Dr. Okim Kang:
Professor of Department of English


Ryan Middleton:
is our Mentor for this project. He will be giving us pointers and resources that we can use to solve some of the problems that we may face in the future.