Implant Battery Charger GUI

Analysis and Development


We are working with Cochlear, an international medical corporation specializing in hearing assistance devices, to create new graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for their Carina Middle Ear Implant charging device.

Cochlear has requested prototypes for two different hardware requirements, one that will fit on a remote assistant for a different hearing implant, in addition to a touch screen interface that may be used in a future device. In order to accomplish this, we have analyzed current charging interfaces already on the market to create multiple prototypes and demos for each piece of hardware.

Our implementations were created as demos on the Android mobile platform, but ultimately the designs will be ported over to the hardware designed by Cochlear Boulder. We believe a mobile platform was best suited to emulate the current remote assistant, and allowed for in-depth user testing on a mobile platform. The portability was key to our designs to ensure simplicity and ease of use.

We focused solely on the charging interfaces, as incorporating our designs into the final hardware was out of scope of this project. Not only has the final hardware not been designed yet, there are many components and algorithms that are proprietary information.