Welcome to the NAU CPM Project!

Our team is working to develop an application that will make the lives of the staff a little bit easier. We hope that through our contribution there will be more efficient, safer, and easier way to comply with the medical policies to help the staff and patients have a positive experience.

We are focusing primarily on the process of Acute Coranary Syndrome (ACS). ACS is a term that can encompass heart attacks, severe chest pains, unstable angina, and other heart-related issues. More specifically, pain occurs when the cornary artery to the heart is highly restricted, fully blocked, or a clot exists, and blood flow is deprived from heart muscle. ACS affects roughly 1.4 million people in the United States every year is extremely serious.

The Clinical Pathway Management project intends to smooth the hospital process from admittance to discharge for all ACS patients. We want to make an impact on our local hospital and help our community.