The Reason:

Approximately 150 patients are transferred between Arizona hospitals in a given day. Although a smoothly functioning interhospital patient transfer system is a critical component to many health policies, disaster response plans, and health care reforms, little progress has been made toward creating this infrastructure.

At present, each hospital has an independent method of transferring patients, and is primarily completed through a cumbersome series of telephone calls. Before a critically ill patient can be transferred, patient advocates must navigate different processes for each potential destination. This often leads to significant delays in transferring patients, sometimes taking days.

Research by Stat Coordinations shows that an Internet-based patient transfer network may be adopted and utilized by hospitals on a national scale.

The Idea:

Design and build a device agnostic web-application that could quickly sort nearby hospitals by distance, beds, services, and insurance networks. The system will allow input of patient information and then will send a code - via sms and voice - to qualifying hospitals and transport companies. The recipients would then log in with the code to view the patient information and accept or decline the patient.

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