The Team

Mark Malone

  • Team Leader The team member that coordinates task assignments and ensures work is progressing, runs meetings, and makes initial efforts to resolve conflicts. If you do not volunteer or are not selected to be a team leader, remember that you will have to learn to accept your leader's leadership and remember that not all battles are worth fighting.
  • Customer
    Team member that coordinates and conducts customer communications.

Charles Chavez

  • Faculty Advisor Contact

    Team member that communicates with the faculty mentor for this team, Dr. Otte.
  • Web DeveloperThis member will keep our internal project web-page up to date.

Dillon Postgate

  • Architect This team member is primarily responsible for ensuring that core architectural decisions are followed during implementation.

    The primary goal here is to build the product correctly with accordance to the sponsors needs.

The Project

Our Sponsor

  • Raynald Bedard Works for: True Course Simulations

  • Contact at

What are we doing?

Pilot training is very expensive and an aircraft cockpit is a difficult environment in which to teach and learn. Our team created a series of training scenarios (missions) using Lockheed-Martin's Prepar3d software to prepare the learner on a personal computer before he/she practices these procedures in an aircraft.

As part of the training, the learner is scored on his/her performance by the proprietary software we developed. The results need to be published to a web site so the flight instructor can evaluate his/her students and monitor their progress. The results need to be sorted out by different criteria: score, alphabetically, by region or country. We also need an interface to adapt the look and feel of the site to various customers (flight schools, tournaments, etc). The site needs to be protected by password and the instructor must be able to manage privileges.


  • Web Tools Javascript

  • Development
    Google Drive

Project Artifacts


These documents contain the scope and direction of our project. They include how we came to our specific requirements, why we decided on specific design decisions, and how we tested our system. There are also other documents with outline our team's work process.

  • Team Standards In this document, we outline the process for completing our project.

  • Requirements Document A document outlining the requirements of the system. These requirements are based on the needs of the sponsor and the system.

  • Design Document This document explains the various components that our system requires in order to satisfy the requirements in the requirements document.


These are the presentations that we had throughout the entire capstone experience. They include the presentations starting with requirements and ending with our final capstone presentation.

  • Final Presentation This was our final presentation for capstone. It details the full scope of our capstone work in regards to the SOAR system.

  • Design Review III This presentation focuses on the architecture, implementation, and testing work of our project.

  • Design Review II This presentation goes into the development of our key requirements, architecture, our development process, and implementation.

  • Design Review This presentation first introduces our design decisions for our system.

  • Requirements Review This presentation outlines the requirements of our system.


This is the poster that was presented at UGRADS.

UGRADS poster