SpaceBlenders Plug-in for Blender

Simplifying creating 3d images and flyover animations of DEM images

Who is this project for?

We created this Blender plug-in as a capstone project for NAU in conjuction with the USGS. However our plug-in is open source, which means it's free and available to everyone.

What does the plug-in do?

Our plugin for Blender automates the process of creating 3D images and flyover animations of DEM images.

How do I use the plug-in?

Our plug-in works on Mac/Linux/Windows. For a detailed look at how to install the necessary tools to start using the plug-in check out our user guide.

Looking to download our Blender plug-in


Project Goals:

Some sample image textures:

Download Image
in detail


Download Image
in detail


Download Image
in detail


Download Image
in detail


Sample of a Linear Flyover Video:

About Us

We are a creative team of young software engineers. Our team has a wide range of experience and talents. This project is our senior capstone project in the Northern Arizona University CS degree program. This project has been done in conjunction with Trent Hare of the USGS in Flagstaff, Arizona.

We would like to thank Tim Spriggs of UAHiRise for the original Blender DEM import plug-in we started with. Information on his plugin can be found here.
We would also like to thank Trent Hare of the USGS for being a great project sponsor, and supplying the HSV_Merge script we used in this project for creating textures.
Dr. James Palmer, thank you for being our mentor and our harshest critic.