The Team

Chad Dulake


Architect, Release Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Webmaster

A description to be written by Chad Dulake...

Forrest Townsend


Team Leader, Customer Communicator

I was born and raised in Ahwatukee of Phoenix, Arizona. I got interested in Computer Science my first year of college and was hooked ever since. When I am not working on school or personal programming projects, I am usually playing outdoors. I am passionate my numerous hobbies and love to try new things!

Nakai McCarty


Documentation Manager, Mentor Communicator, Recorder

A description to be written by Nakai McCarty...

project sponsor

fernando lopez


Software Engineering Manager at Intel Corporation


5000W Chandler Boulevard, Chandler, Arizona 85226

Fernando Lopez is the manager of the Intel Rapid Storage Technology team that writes rapid storage drivers for HP, Lenovo, Dell and personal machiens for users interested in downloading the software

project mentor

Dr. Dieter Otte

Dr. Dieter Otte is an associate professor and the assistant chair of the Computer Science & Electrical Engineering department at Northern Arizona University.


"A discussion of the overall problem area and the challenges that developing your system is meant to address. This should be easily accessible by a layman reader. While you should rely on your sponsor's project description, you shouldn't just copy it: You'll have to tell this story many times throughout capstone -- may as well start early."


"Introduce the major requirements of your project. While this will, of course, be brief at the beginning, it will grow as you learn more and develop your detailed requirements specification."

High Level Design

"Introduce your initial conceptual design. Again, this will be a very early attempt that will mature as time goes by. Once your design specification is complete, this would be the place to add this information."

Languages TBD
Libraries TBD
Version Control/Source Code Management Git
Git Server Provider Atlassian Bitbucket
Git Client At programmer's discretion
IDE/Editor At programmer's discretion
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