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Group Wrangler is a web-based group management system built to satisfy any organization's group management needs. The application is designed to combine administrative group management seen in workflow-based tools with the communication aspects of individually managed social sites. Some of Group Wrangler’s key features include:

  • Customizable attributes that can be set up to track any relevant information
  • Automated grouping based on the custom attributes
  • Analysis tool for quickly analyzing group information via various graphs and charts
  • Variety of communication tools, including forums, blogs, and email

  • Group Wrangler provides a novel approach to group management that is well-suited to any organization’s needs. We envision Group Wrangler to be the premiere group management system in the near future.

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    A demo of Group Wrangler is available here on our website:
    (Note: some features not available in demo version)

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    Team Lasso

    Team Members

  • Greg Andolshek - Design Architect, Programmer
  • Alex Koch - Graphics Designer, Programmer
  • Michael McCormick - Team Leader, Programmer
  • Sponsor

  • Melissa J. Armstrong
  • Mentor

  • Dr. Eck Doerry

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