SCREEN3 Project - CS486C : Capstone Experience - Spring 2011

Air Quality Dispersion Modeling and Pollutant Impact Assessment





Dr. Terry Baxter

The goal of this project is to establish the capacity to develop a Web-enabled software package that allows for the commercialization of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) SCREEN3 air quality model and various software that can be added on to enhance the packatures.

Applications of air quality models are required by regulations under the Clean Air Act for assessing criteria pollutants. SCREEN3 is a screening model that has been used for several years. Whereas previous attempts to commercialize SCREEN3 concentrated on creating stand-alone software packages that are sold one-by-one, the approach taken in this project should be considerably broader both with respect to the technical capabilities of the software as well as the market opportunities. This should allow for the convenient and cost-efficient usage of the software by a wide variety of stakeholders in industry, in government and tribal institutions as well as in academia. The Web-enabling technology and commercialization strategy developed for SCREEN3 by this project must be transferable to other regulatory air quality and environmental system or management models as well.

Depending on the design decision, this project requires solid Java and/or Web programming skills, possibly iOS skills that need to be picked up on the side.

You will need a web and/or Java development environment. It is understood that NAU will be providing for these resources.

The team is expected to deliver the following products:
  • An acceptable solution to the problem in the form of a final software package that works platform independently on mainstream operating systems. A full version of the software or a thin client should work on Apple hand-held devices.

  • Supporting documentation: user manual and developer manual