Currently, undergraduate athletic training education programs (ATEPs) are expected to cover an increasing compilation of educational competencies (knowledge based) and clinical proficiencies (skill based). Much of this content is delivered by more traditional means (classroom lecture, slide presentation, clinical demonstration). However, there is a growing amount of athletic training education content that is being distributed via the web (i.e. - Vista). One such course currently being offered is our senior level Athletic Training Administration (AT 380) course.

Unfortunately, this particular online medium is limited in the ways that students can interact with the material. It lacks the “authentic experience” the students need to have. In addition, this course must remain online as our senior athletic training students are not on campus but rather in various clinical sites around the state.

In an effort to add a “real life” component to the course experience, it has been put forward that using a “strategic professional simulation computer game” or SIMS game would be the appropriate approach. Creating a SIMS world that would reflect a “real world” functioning athletic training room would provide students with a more authentic experience. The creation of such a course exemplifies an innovative, effective and accountable solution to the required athletic training educational competencies.