Inertial Navigation Data Simulator NAU Computer Science Capstone: Spring 2008

Sponsor: Lockheed Martin

Mentor: Kefei Wang


Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is a modern radar imaging technique. The key constraint of this technology is that it can only be used from moving platforms while aimed at stationary targets. Fortunately, these instruments are commonly employed in this manner. However, issues arise during their development, as a moving platform is also required during testing. A common solution is to simulate movement by sending the SAR instrument inertial navigation data. Current simulations are hard-coded to devices that can send this data to the SAR instrument reliably at a constant desired rate. Unfortunately, the required rate and format of input vary among SAR instruments, and these devices only work for a single variation. This project aims to develop an application that provides a more flexible solution, where simulated aircraft movement can be sent to a wider range of SAR instruments.