34 th Annual WERC Design Contest
Task 1: Stormwater Management for Community Resilience

A design contest involving engineering systems that address the water, energy, and climate nexus. Undergraduate students are exposed to an engineering request for proposal by going through the full engineer design process. The competition entails a poster presentation, an elevator speech about the design, and a demonstration of the bench-scale model. 

Image Credit: Caroline Reed

Tiana Deloney

Environmental Engineering

Image Credit: Tiana Deloney

Matt Helms
Senior Engineer

Environmental Engineering

Image Credit: Tiana Deloney

Zach Lyon

Civil Engineering

Image Credit: Tiana Deloney

Caroline Reed
Engineering Technician

Environmental Engineering

Aguatierra Engineering
From left to right: Tiana Deloney, Caroline Reed, Zach Lyon, Matt Helms
Image Credit: Andres Garcia Rico

Image Credit: Tom Loomis

Technical Advisor
Tom Loomis, P.E.

Mr. Loomis is a civil engineer with over 51 years of experience, 25 years as a private consulting engineer, and 26 years in public service for government agencies. He spent the last 33 years of his career dedicated to the floodplain management profession. He has prepared floodplain delineation studies on thousands of square miles of watershed and hundreds of stream miles of
watercourses in the arid southwest. His expertise includes subdivision design, litigation support and expert witness services, drainage improvements, airport improvements, wastewater treatment, potable water systems, bridge design, and construction management. Mr. Loomis served as Special Projects Branch Manager for the Engineering Division of the Flood Control District of Maricopa County for 17 years until retiring in December 2017. He then served as a part-time senior civil engineer until April of 2022. He is a registered Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor in Arizona, and a Certified Floodplain Manager. Mr. Loomis served on the Industrial Advisory Board for NAU Civil and Environmental Engineering program for 27 years.