CELS Engineering

John Wesley Powell West Road Extension

Northern Arizona University CENE Capstone 2023-2024


The John Wesley Powell Blvd Extension Design project aims to extend John Wesley Powell Boulevard (JWP) from South Pulliam Drive to Lake Mary Road, with a primary focus on enhancing accessibility to underserved areas. This project includes the design and construction of a one-mile road extension, the incorporation of effective drainage control structures, and the redesign of the Lake Mary Rd. & JWP Blvd. intersection


Jeff Bauman 
PE, PTOE, Traffic Engineer, City of Flagstaff  

Technical Advisor

Edward Smaglik
Ph.D., PE, Northern Arizona University   

Nate Resiner
District Development Engineer  

Team Information

Cristine Aguila

Civil Engineer
Major: Civil Engineering


Elijah Begay

Project Manager
Major: Civil Engineering


Logan McFarland

Head Engineer
Major: Civil Engineering


Steven McKimmey

Civil Engineer
Major: Civil Engineering