About The PaddleJacks

The NAU Ponderosa PaddleJacks are a concrete canoe team aiming to take first place and demonstrate a sustainably-designed canoe. The five person team will design, construct, and test the concrete canoe.

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About Concrete Canoe

Mix Design

Three different mix designs are created, tested, and analyized for the canoe design. Once the results are compaired, the prevailing design will be chosen.

Hull Design/Structural Analysis

During the design phase, three different models for the body of the canoe are created. The goal is to have a manueverable, but nimble design. The structural analysis ensures the canoe can withstand the forces applied without failure.


Constructing the canoe allows for all design aspects to be implemented. The sytrofoam mold will be built and shaped appropriately for the concrete to take shape of the canoe.


The canoe will compete with other universities. The design process, canoe prototype, display, and rowing competition will be judged. The goal is to have the best canoe!

Team Information

Dylan Condra

Project Manager

Civil Engineering
Credit: Jon Duran

Jon Duran

QA/QC Manager

Civil Engineering
Credit: Dylan Condra

Declan Geltmacher

Mix Design Lead

Civil Engineering
Credit: Dylan Condra

Kevin Tautimer

Structural Analysis Lead

Civil Engineering
Credit: Dylan Condra

Derek Vecchia

Hull Design Lead

Civil Engineering
Credit: Dylan Condra


Technical Advisor:

Mark Lamer, P.E.

Dr. Ben Dymond

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