Mother Road Brewing Company Wastewater Pre-Treatment 

Project Descripti​​​​​​​​​on

Mother Road Brewing Company is a local brewery located in downtown Flagstaff at 7 S Mikes Pike St. Currently, Mother Road Brewing Company’s wastewater discharge is in exceedance for total kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN) and biological oxygen demand (BOD) concentrations. Our team has been tasked to design a pretreatment process that will effectively lower the concentrations of TKN and BOD before the wastewater is discharged to the wastewater treatment plant.  

Meet the Team

Photo Credits: Daniel Kennedy

Project Engineer

Daniel Kennedy

Major: Environmental Engineering

Daniel strives to obtain a comprehensive understanding of water resource engineering. His goal is to develop sustainable stormwater management and stormwater capture technologies for Flagstaff, Arizona. 


Photo Credits: Alec Murphy

Project Engineer

Alec Murphy

Major: Environmental and Civil Engineering

Alec is originally from Tucson, AZ and is a graduating senior at Northern Arizona University. He is planning on taking the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FE) in the summer of 2023. He then plans to continue his education pursuing a Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering at Northern Arizona University in Fall 2023.


Photo Credits: Haley Condos

Project Engineer

Serenity Helm

Major: Environmental Engineering

Serenity is originally from Gilbert, AZ and hopes to work in water resources or coastal engineering in the future.


Technical Advisor


Dr. Diana Calvo Martinez

Assistant Professor, Northern Arizona University

Dr. Diana Calvo Martinez graduated from Arizona State University with a M.Sc. in Civil Engineering and a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering. She has more than 15 years of experience in participating in, leading, and managing interdisciplinary projects for water, air, and energy in academia, consulting, industry, and government. 

NAU Directory

Michael Marquess

CEO, Mother Road Brewing Company

Michael majored in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Northern Arizona University and graduated with a BS. He then went on to co-found Mother Road Brewing in 2010 incorporating his love of beer, history, and the open road into a viable business opportunity.

Mother Road Brewing Company