Project Description


 The purpose of this project is to create an off-grid wastewater treatment system for a small residence, with the option to use treated water to water a variety of plants grown on site. The location is too far for local grid hookups to transmit domestic wastewater to the nearest wastewater treatment plant, which is more than 80 miles away at Rio De Flag Wastewater Treatment Plant in Flagstaff, AZ. Thus, the best possible system to treat residential wastewater is a residential septic system. This project is needed so that the owners of the land may choose to live on the 5-acre lot full-time without the excessive need to concern themselves with where their wastewater is going. A home septic system is a great way to fulfill those needs while still being a low-cost option. An on-site waste water treatment system, also known as a Package System, is another way of doing so, albeit more expensive. However, it will produce useful water that can be used for watering plants and will require less of a drainage field to fully dispose of the water.

Desired Pre-Fab House to be built on site. Image Courtesy of Coventry Log Homes