Project Description

The objective of the project is to design an effective storm water drainage system on Grandview Drive in Flagstaff, Arizona. This project will analyze the site location and improve or add on drainage design elements that will address flooding in the area. This will be complemented to prevent further extreme flooding experienced by the residents on Grandview Drive in the Summer of 2021. 

Figure 1: Flow of floodwaters on Grandview Drive towards Cedar Avenue during the Storms on July 16, 2021. Available at​:  ​

Contact Information for Necessary Personnel


Ed Schenck
City of Flagstaff Storm Water Division



Professor Mark Lamer
Northern Arizona University

Technical Advisor 


Team Information

Mary Kayser
Civil Engineer

Megan Donnelly
Environmental Engineer

Josue Valencia Segura
Civil Engineer

Alexa Rosenthal
Environmental Engineer