Water Environment Federation AZ Water Student Design

Competition: New Gilbert North Water Treatment Plant

Team Members

The group comprises of five team members, listed below alongside their jobs and obligations.

Ahmad Almohammedsaleh

Environmental Engineer

Project Manager of the group. His primary duties are leading the team in terms of design timeline, improvement of the project, scheduling group meetings. Ahmad worked on the preliminary screening and primary clarifiers.

Brittany Riser

Civil Engineer

Lead Designer. Her primary duties are coordinating and guiding the group to develop an optimal design of the project. Brittany primarily contributed to the design of the filtration, ozonation and UV technologies.

Juris Tan

Environmental Engineer

Project Engineer. Her primary duties are to handle the overall project work and supervise the tasks that have already been completed. Juris worked on the biosolids management technology as well as the project hydraulic analysis.

Kyle Telesco

Civil Engineer

Senior Engineer of the group. His primary duties are confirming, altering documents before any submission, and assuring design efficiency. Kyle primarily worked on the secondary clarifiers, the demand calculations and cost estimate.

Naif Alkahtani

Civil Engineer

CAD Designer. His primary duties are researching and designing AutoCAD layouts, as well as the website designer. Naif contributed to the development of the primary clarifiers as well as the AutoCAD layout design.


Jeffrey Heiderscheidt

Instrutor and Grader


Northern Arizona University
The AZ water Association
The water Environment federation AZ water student design competition
City of Gilbert