PCI Big Beam Competition 2020-2021

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Project constraints include cost, weight of the concrete beam, time, and compliance with the PCI Competition Rules, ASTM and ACI 318-19 code. It is important to note that the project costs will be covered with sponsorship from TPAC, but the team will be judged off of an estimated project budget using the provided guidance on the final page of the PCI Competition Rules. The beam with the lightest weight and the highest deflections will score the best, therefore to meet this constraint the team will perform material and structural analysis before construction. The team must complete the entire beam design within the time frame of August 15, 2020 to July 15, 2021. All rules and regulations outlined in the Official Competition Rules, ASTM and ACI 318-19 code must be followed for the team’s beam to score well.


Project tasks will include Prestressed Design, Concrete Mix Design Analysis, Beam Design Structural Analysis, Shop Drawings, Testing the Beam, Project Impacts, Deliverables and Project Management. The team also provides the exclusions from the project as; creating concrete test specimens, beam fabrication, and transporting the beam and test cylinders from Phoenix to Flagstaff. All of these exclusions will be performed by the team’s PCI Producing Member, TPAC. Below is a complete list of project tasks and exclusions.


The following table shows all of the tasks and subtasks for our project:

See attached Gannt Chart for schedule

Staffing and Cost

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