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Papago Mine Preliminary Assessment and Site Investigation

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Project Description

A preliminary assessment and site investigation will be prefomed on the Papago Mine site that resides in Yuma, Arizona on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land. The Papago site needs to be assessed for risks associated with hazardous waste from mining precious metals. The contaminants remaining at abandoned mine sites often pose a risk to human health and the environment, and therefore must be remediated to minimize the effects.


Client Contact Information

Erik R Zielske: Arizona State Office (ezilske@blm.gov)

O.C. E Eke: Yuma Field Office (oeke@blm.gov)



Team Contact Information

Julia Darby

Northern Arizona Univertsity, Environmental Engineering (jad574@nau.edu)

Photo By: Tohoung Amanda Tran

Karlie Kessel

Northern Arizona University, Environmental Engineering (krk56@nau.edu)

Photo By: Darren Rhem

Volpe Vo

Northern Arizona University, Environmental Engineering (ntv25@nau.edu)

Photo By: Volpe Vo

Technical Advisor Contact Information

Bridget Bero: Northern Arizona University (Bridget.Bero@nau.edu)


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