NAU 2020 Steel Bridge Team

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The purpose of this project is to create a 1:10 scale steel bridge model. The bridge will be designed, constructed and fabricated in accordance to American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) 2020 Student Steel Bridge Competition rules. The project is based on a provided case study for a bridge at the Katy Trail State Park in Missouri. The bridge is intented to cross the Missouri River and be used for pedestrian, equestrian and bicyclist traffic.

The Pacific Southwest Region Competiton takes place at Cal State Fullerton on April 1,2020. The categories that will be used to score the team are aesthics, construction economy, structral efficenty and overall performance. The team will particpate in  presentation and display portion and construction and testing portion during competition.

Team Memebers, Senior Civil Engineering Students

Steven Bloomfield

Steven has worked on the transportation design project for the Pacific Southwest Conference. Steven has experience with scheduling multiple projects as the Commander’s Action Group Commander for Air Force ROTC program at Northern Arizona University. Steven has held the vice president, president, and treasurer positions for NAU Honor Guard.


Sam Cole

Samantha has held the secretary and president positions with the American Society of Civil Engineers student chapter at Northern Arizona University. She has worked on the transportation design project for 2 years for the Pacific Southwest Conference, and has been a mentee for the steel bridge team for 2 years as well. An internship with Kimley-Horn in the land development team and an internship with Trace Consulting in the roadway and aviation group has given Sam strong CAD skills and a solid foundation in engineering design.

Hailley Ndubizu

Hailley has been an intern with Coconino County Public Works for the past year. She also has experience as a Project Coordinator with the Coconino County Facilities division. Hailley spent six months working at the Travelodge, where she learned to communicate with many different people. Additionally, Hailley has project manager experience and is the current treasurer of the National Society of Black engineers.

Emalee Sena

Emalee has a stellar work ethic, for example she is on the path to complete the engineering program in three and a half years. Though she has no prior work experience, she provides the team will excellent time management skills and technical work.


Sabrina Ballard,EIT

Technical Advisor


Thomas Nelson, PE, SE, MS

Technical Advisor

Mark Lamer, PE

Client and Grading Advisor

LAST UPDATED:April 18,2020