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Saguaro National Park-

Parking Lot Assessment and Design

A parking lot installation for the Saguaro National Park is being conducted to prevent “wildcat” parking which is causing damage to the fragile desert landscape, as well as, the flora and fauna.

In the Tucson Mountain District, just north of the City of Tucson, is the site location.

The design will require analyzing the existing conditions of the current dirt parking lot, a geotechnical and hydraulic analysis for the site, development of designs, cost estimates, and the creation of a design plan set.

Meet the Project Team

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Photo Credit: Elissa Fontaine

Desmin Fontaine

Major: Civil Engineering


Description: Desmin Fontaine is in his Senior year as an Undergraduate in the Civil Engineering program. His goal is to work in the sub-field of Geotechnical engineering, emphazing in the structural qualities of soil for construction purposes. Desmin has assisted as a Project Engineer for a general contractor based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Photo Credit: Cody Mairose

Dylan Edens

Major: Civil Engineering


Description: Dylan is in his last year of school progressing towards attaining a Bachelor's in Civil Engineering. He has assissted as a project engineer for a general contracting firm near San Jose, California. After attaining the Civil Engineering Bachelor's degree, Dylan plans to work in the commercial construction field with general contracting companies.

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Photo Credit: Hannah Fischer

Julia Trivers

Major: Civil Engineering


Description: As a Junior year student, Julia is completing her Undergraduated degree in the Civil Engineering program. She wants to further her education by attaining a Master's degree with interests in hydraulics and transportation. She has worked as a field engineer for a general contractor out of North Carolina and currently working for a government consultant as a Project Management Intern in Reston, Virginia.

                                                       Client Information:

Richard Goepfrey Jr.

Facility Manager

Saguaro National Park 



Technical Advisor Information:

Nathan Reisner

Project Manager

Arizona Department of Transportation

A Special Thanks To:

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to our grading instructor Dr. Jeffrey Heiderscheidt of Northern Arizona University for guidance and support through this project. A sincere thanks to Nate Reisner, District Development Engineer of Arizona Department of Transportation, for technical guidance and support through this project. We wish to express a special thanks to our client, Rich Goepfrich, Facility Manager of Saguaro National Park, for guiding and believing in undergraduate students to aid in the development of Saguaro National Park. This research was funded by course tuition and fees for CENE 486 Senior Design for the year of Spring 2019-Fall 2020 at Northern Arizona University.

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