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Site design for Pets Return Home Sanctuary in Clarkdale, Az. The project includes the design of an expanded concrete pad for the kennel space, along with drainage for the site. To visit the Pets Return Home site click here.

Linked in the sections below are the Project Background, Final Proposal, Project Management, Final Design Report, Final Construction Plans, and Team Photos.


Files and info for the project

Project Information

Location and Background

Project Documentation

Report and Presentation

Project Management

Scheduling and Staffing


Design Results and Calculations

Drawings and Photos

AutoCAD Drawings

Photo Gallery

Team Photos and Progression

Client And Technical Advisor

Special Thanks to our Client and Technical Advisor

  • Mark Happe

    Co-Founder Pets Return Home

    The client is Mark Happe and the Pets Return Home Sanctuary. Mark has 30 years of canine behavior and training development experience. The mission of Pets Return Home is "Save lives, enrich welfare and build adoptability of homeless animals, drives our every action.

  • Stephen Irwin, PE

    Project Engineer - SWI

    Stephen is a project engineer with Shepard-Wesnitzer, Inc. He has 10 years of civil engineering experience. He graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2008.

  • Our Team

    Our team is comprised of Civil and Environmental Engineering students excited to get real-world experience.

    Abigail Autieri

    Senior Civil Engineering Student

    Ryann DuBose

    Senior Civil and Environmental Engineering Student

    Allyson Fedor

    Senior Civil and Environmental Engineering Student

    Crockett Saline

    Senior Civil Engineering Student

    Contact the team through email with any questions.