Remediation of E.coli Contaminated Surface Water



Team Fungi

Last edited 4/21/2020

Chase Mcleod

·Project Engineer ·Environmental Engineer

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David Hammond

·Project Engineer ·Environmental Engineer

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Mishael Umlor

·Project Engineer ·Environmental Engineer

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About Our Project

This project was a benchscale feasability study to identify whether fungi native to northern Arizona could remove E. coli from water. Mishael Umlor, David Hammond, and Chase Mcleod conducted laboratory testing during the spring 2020 semester at Northern Arizona University's (NAU) Science Lab Facility (SLF) Mycology Labatory. This project was funded through the Hooper Undergraduate Research award (HURA); The results were presented at the 2020 Undergraduate Symposium at NAU.

dr Wilbert odem, phd pe

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Hooper Undergraduate Research Award


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