The Project

This project objective is to determine the feasibility of fungi as a biosorbent to remove metals from heavily contaminated waters. A major source of metal contamination is mine waste, often resulting from mine accidents due to the failure of containment walls, piping, or other structural failures. Cleanup from these types of accidents can be costly and, therefore, alternative remediation methods are of particular interest. This project designed and ran an experiment that tested the ability of fungi to remove metals from mine waste.

Project Information

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Photo Gallery

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Our Team


William Bain

Project Engineer
Environmental Engineer|


Nolan Maxwell

Project Engineer
Environmental Engineer


Danielle Gallaher

Project Engineer
Environmental Engineer

Yue Shen

Lab Technician
Environmental Engineer


Masad Alyahya

Design Engineer
Environmental Engineer

Client/Grading Instructor
Dr. Bridget Bero, Ph.D, P.E.

Dr. Bero is an Environmental Engineering
Professor at Northern Arizona University.

Technical Advisor
Dr. Terry Baxter, Ph.D, P.E.

Dr. Baxter is an Environmental Engineering
Professor at Northern Arizona University.