Corn Cob Biosorbent

NAU Senior Capstone Design Projects

CENE 486C, Spring 2020

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Four objectives were assigned to be completed for this Capstone Research Project. These objectives are as follows: (1.) Expand on 2018-2019 Capstone team's Cadmium removal data using nitric acid activated corn cob as a biosorbent, (2.) Evaluate the removal efficiency of corn cob as a biosorbent for other contaminates (Arsenic and Total Coliform), (3.) Evalaute the increased or decreased removal efficiency of using a weak acid to active the corn cob biosorbent, and (4.) Develop an analytical method in order to use an XRF device for this type of research. All data was to be collected in hopes of creating isotherms. Cadmium data would be added to the previous year's isotherm and a brand new isotherm was to be created with the results from Arsenic. This project was inspired by the Gold King's Mine Spill in Colorado in 2015. Some of the stakeholders include the client, Dr. Fethiye Ozis, and marginalized communities potentially affected by future mine spills or other sources of contamination.

MEET THE TEAM - A-Maize Cob-oration


Thalius Belinti

Senior Environmental Engineering Student

大家好! Thalius studied abroad at Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications in China last year. She has experince using Excel, AutoCAD, and technical writing. Under the Bioinformatics Department at CQUPT, Thalius had a computer programming internship.

Erin Pflueger

Senior Environmental Engineering Student

大家好! Last year, Erin studied abroad in China at Chongqing University. She is skilled in Excel, research, and facilitating leadership development. She had a summer internship at the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge under the USFS.


Kileigh Phillips

Senior Environmental Engineering Student

Hola todos! Kileigh studied abroad in Chile at the University of Concepción. There she studied water toxicity and its affects on microorganism reproduction and algal and plant growth. Kileigh is fluent in Spanish and proficient in HEC-RAS and Microsoft Project.


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Kaitlyn Tighe

Senior Environmental Engineering Student

みなさん、こんにちは! Kaitlyn studied abroad in Japan at Kyushu University. She has experience using GIS and DreamWeaver. She studied microorganisms and autothermal thermophilic aerobic digestion (ATAD) in the Soil and Environmental Microbiology Lab during her time abroad.

Meet the Client

Fethiye Ozis, PhD, PE

Civil and Environmental Engineering Lecturer at Northern Arizona University

Dr. Ozis remains the client of the corn cob biosorbent capstone team for the second year in a row. She is a fierce advocate for the importance of undergraduate research, specifically research for innovative remediation techniques of contaminated drinking water.

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Learn more about Dr. Fethiye Ozis here.


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