Northern Arizona University Concrete Canoe 2019-2020

NAU Concrete Canoe


Project Background

The National Concrete Canoe Competition (NCCC) is an annual competition that calls upon engineering students apart of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) to design and build a working canoe out of concrete. The goal of the competition is to “gain hands-on, practical experience and leadership skills by working with concrete mix designs and project management [1]”. This competition helps creates a strong student faculty bond as well allowing the students to ask clarifying questions to help strengthen their knowledge and understanding of concrete mix design. The 2020 Rules and Regulations break up the scoring into four different categories; Technical Proposal, Technical Presentation, Final Product Prototype and the Race Demonstration. The NCCC is broken up into 19 different regional conferences.


Northern Arizona University Branch of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) - Contact Carl Wilson, ASCE Chapter President - (

Mark Lamer - (

Team Information

Stephan Henderson - - Civil Engineer - Hull Design Captain

Carl Wilson - - Civil Engineer - Structural Design Captain

Conrad Senior - - Civil Engineer - Mix Design Captain

Kristen Rasmussen - - Civil Engineer - Project Manager

Logan Grijalva - - Civil Engineer - QA/QC

Technical Advisor

Taylor Layland -

Last Updated

April 20th, 2020

Project Information

Project Location

Pacific Southwest Conference (PSWC), California State University, Fullerton

Project Constraints

Pacific Southwest Conference 2020 Rules and Regulations are attached below. These are the constraints that the canoe must follow.
PSWC 2020 Rules and Regulations

Due to COVID-19, Conference at Fullerton Was cancelled. The only item that was considered for placement was the Technical Report which is present in the Document Repository.

Northern Arizona Univeristy placed 9th Place out of 18 schools.


The Project Scope Tasks are provided within the attached link.
Project Scope Document

Design Alternatives

The canoe hull types that were considered was a "V" Shaped and a rounded bottom hull. The team decided to utilize the stability of the rounded hull shape for the final deisgn. the canoe was just under 18 feet in length with a width of 2 and a half feet, and a calculated weight of 160 lbs.

Details of Final Design

Shown Below is the Final Construction Plans for the 2019-2020 Concrete Canoe.

CAD Drawing Archive

Page 1 of Constrction Drawings
Page 2 of Constrction Drawings
AutoCAD Plan Drawing
AutoCAD Elevation Drawing
AutoCAD Isometric Drawing
SolidWorks Canoe Mold Procurment and Hull Design

Gantt Chart/Internal Team Budgeting

Gantt Chart
Engineering Services Cost Estimate

Photo Gallery

Sample Absorption Test
Sample Compression Test Result
Sample Tensile Testing Result
Sample Slump Test
Crusher at FNF
Drying Materials
Mold with Release Agent
Inserting Basalt Mesh Cage
Creating A Clean Edge from First Layer
Inserting Basalt Mesh in Bulkhead for Extra Reinforcment
Trowl Finishing Bulkheads to Smooth Finish
2019-2020 Concrete Canoe Team Photo
Constructing PVC Frame for Humidifying Chamber
Lining Humidifying Chamber with Plastic Wrap
Checking Thickness of Concrete Layer
Tamping Concrete into Bulkheads to Ensure Good Consolidation
Final Tampering and Finishing of Bulkheads
Team Photo with Mentees
Trimming Mesh Within the Canoe
Seperating Fibers for Cocnrete Mix
Mixing Fibers Into Concrete Mixture
Humidifying Canoe Within Chamber
Shadow Sanding Full-Size Canoe Mold
Flex Sealing Half Size Canoe after Sanding
Flex Sealing Full Size Mold
Removing Cure Chamber After 14 Days of Curing
Drying Washed AeroAggregate
Utilizing Mechanical Sieve from FNF

Project Contacts

Stephan Henderson - - Hull Design Captain

Carl Wilson - - Structural Design Captain

Conrad Senior - - Mix Design Captain

Kristen Rasmussen - - Project Manager

Logan Grijalva - - QA/QC


[1] "National Concrete Canoe Competition," ASCE, [Online]. Available: [Accessed 25 September 2019].

Side Note

"No matter how this semester ends, this team was a solid unit and it was a privilage to work besides every single person" -Stephan Henderson


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