Emerald Isle Mine

The purpose of this projects is to complete a Preliminary Assessment and Site Investigation (PA/SI) for the decommissioned metal mining site, Emeral Isle Mine. Analyses of the soil contamination and determination of the possible impacts will be completed in order to guide the future management and remediation of the site.

Meet Our Clients



Eric Zielske

Environmental Engineering at Bureau of Land Management


Paul Misiaszek

Geologist for the Bureau of Land Management Kingman Field Office





Technical Advisor

Bridget Bero, PhD, PE

Civil and Environmental Engineering




Meet The Team

Sydney Adamonis

Degrees in Environmental Engineering and Modern Languages: German



Paxson Lowther

Degrees in Environmental Engineering and Modern Languages: Spanish



Grant Hettleman

Degrees in Environmental Engineering and Chemistry




Nick Campbell

Degree in Environmental Engineering and a Minor in Chemistry




Team Email
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