NAU Graduation Traffic Circulation Capstone

Capstone Project, Northern Arizona University

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Client and Technical Advisor

Nate Reisner, P.E.

Client and Technical Advisor

Northcentral District Development Engineer for the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)

  • Ed Smaglik, Ph.D., P.E.

    Technical Advisor

    NAU Transportation Engineering Professor

  • Sponsors

    City of Flagstaff

    Transportation Engineering Department

  • Northern Arizona University

    The Arizona Laboratory for Applied Transportation Research

  • Traffic Team

    Meet The Team

    Chris Higgins

    Civil Engineer

    Hia Alroughani

    Civil Engineer

    Cyrus Withers

    Civil Engineer

    Project Documents

    Research Presentation

    The proposal presentation covers the client, project background, project purpose, scope, tasks, research, and deliverables completed for CENE 476. The presentation also details the work to be completed in Fall 2019 for CENE 486C


    Initial Schedule

    This is the NAU Traffic Team’s initial gantt chart for their project. It was current as of April 25th, 2019, the proposal presentation day. The gantt chart details the tasks and subtasks of the project, and it gives deadlines for task and project completion



    The proposal covers the project introduction, technical considerations, scope of work, project management, schedule, staffing plan, and cost of engineering services. Also contained is the project critical path, or the shortest project completion timeline possible


    Final Presentation

    The final presentation details the work completed on the project, the constraints, the client/stakeholder needs, and the recommended solutions for NAU graduation traffic management for the next 20 years


    Final Schedule

    This is the NAU Traffic Team’s revised gantt chart to match the current progress of the project. It is current as of November 26th, 2019


    Final Report

    This report covers the traffic studies conducted, roadway simulations performed, recommended traffic management solutions, project impacts, and likely project costs



    Project Information