Wrong Way Driving Detection System

The intent of this project is to develop a system that can detect and alert a wrong-way driver, warn oncoming right-way drivers, and alert the Arizona Department of Transportation about the wrong-way driving incident in hopes to correct or stop the wrong-way driver within the rural areas of interstates. Additionally, this system will be able to be implemented anywhere wrong-way driving incidents occur. The WWD detection system will utilize Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to provide feedback to the Arizona Department of Transportation while warning the wrong-way driver and right-way drivers.

Ian Rodrigues

Ian has 10 years of experience managing software development projects and developing web applications. Furthermore, he has 2 years of experience supporting construction project management. Within his civil engineering expertise, he is skilled in several disciplines including structural engineering, water resources and transportation engineering.

Zakary Jenkins

Zakary has gained three years experience in heavy civil and roadway construction as a skilled laborer. He is proficient in AutoCAD design, Microsoft Excel, and has gained transportation design experience from the ASCE PSWC 2017 conference as part of the transportation design team. He has gained transportation experience in traffic signal and intersection analysis, highway design, and Intelligent Transportation Systems design.

Hashem Albhrani

Hashem has experience in many projects involves using microcontroller such as MSP430 and Arduino UNO. He is skilled in circuits analysis and programing languages like C++, C and MatLab. Hashem has good knowledge in power systems and converting various types of powers using DC converters.

Timothy Fisher

Timothy is proficient in many languages including C, C++, Matlab, and Unix and, he is adept in analog and digital circuit analysis and design using various SPICE applications. He also is skilled in digital signal processing and digital image processing. Timothy also has experience working with microcontrollers, microprocessors, and FPGAs like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, MSP430, and Altera Cyclone IV.