Water Environmental Federation Student Design Competion

2018 NAU Team


Project Description



The Greenfield Water Reclamation Facility (GWRF) operates at a capacity of 16MGD producing
A+ reclaimed water and Class B biosolids. The purpose of this project is to increase treatment
capacity at the facility to 30MGD, with a peak design flow of 60MGD while maintaining
reclaimed water and biosolid product quality. This plant serves the Town of Gilbert, City of
Mesa, and Town of Queen Creek and is jointly owned by these three entities. It is operated by
the City of Mesa.
The report includes background information on GWRF, modeling of the wastewater
characteristics, hydraulics of the plant units, identification of alternatives, design criteria,
analysis of the economics, feasibility, efficiency improvements, social impacts, operations and
maintenance of proposed alternatives, selection of proposed improvements, implementation,
construction, and future recommendations.

From NAU WEF Student Design Team Final Report Abstract



Thank you to all of the Facualty at NAU namely Dr. Terry Baxter, Dr. Paul Gremillion and Dr. Dianne McDonnell, and our competition advisor Katie Vanyo at Brown and Caldwell for helping us take first place a the 91st Annual AZ Water Confernce Student Design Competion.

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