Ryan’s Trail Road Improvement

The Ryan’s Trail Capstone team will be evaluating potential design options for the "Ryan’s Trail Road Redesign." The team will improve the road by analyzing the elements of the road including the ease of snow removal, the suitability for all vehicle types, the durability for regular use, insurance of proper drainage, and the cost-effectiveness of road maintenance.

Our Advisors

Including our Client and Technical Advisor


Dianne McDonnell, PhD, PE

Technical Advisor

E-mail: dianne.mcdonnell@nau.edu

Technical Advisor:

Brendan Russo, PhD, PE

Assistant Professor

E-mail: Brendan.Russo@nau.edu

team Information

Ryan's Trail Team Information

Yufei Cheng

Senior Civil Engineer

E-mail: yc336@nau.edu

McKenzie Moten

Senior Civil Engineer

E-mail: mrm552@nau.edu

Parker Schrandt

Senior Civil Engineer

E-mail: pds57@nau.edu

Trevor Snipes

Senior Civil Engineer

E-mail: tps56@nau.edu