F NAU Capstone 2017-2018


Floodplain Analysis (Private property In Page Springs AZ).


The Oakcreek team is conducting a flood plain study of the client's private property located along the Oak Creek.


Define the Floodway and the Floodplain of the private property using flood modeling software.


Technical analysis compares the Yavapai County Floodplain analysis with that of the Oak Creek Flodplain Analysis teams results.

Scope of Work

Capstone CEFNS 2017-2018 (Floodplain Analysis).

This image is the location of the site.


Page Springs Arizona

This image is the location of the site.




Project Information

Analysis Report

Final Analysis Report

Timeline of the Oakcreek Project

  • January 2018

    Site Survey of the Location

    The Oakcreek Floodplain team went to the clients property to conduct a survey of the Oakcreek

  • Febuary 2018

    Gathering hydrology Information

    The initial gathering of data to be used to be inputted into the models to get information aboue the creek along the property.

  • March 2018

    Completion of the Modeling

    The team completed the required model to to used for the final analysis report

  • April 2018

    Present Analysis

    The Oakcreek team will present all findings at UGRADs/

  • Final
    May 2018!

Oakcreek Ploodplain Team

This Project was completed by these hard working individuals.

Robert Coronado

Erin McAnally

Parker Smith

Ziyan Wu

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