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2017-2018 Environmental Competiton

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Project Purpose

Due to limited resources and technology, develping nations are faced with inefficient water treatment methods. Within the United Nations World Health Organization's (WHO) 2002 report, an estimated 1.7 million deaths per year can be attributed to the unsafe water supply and unsanitary treatment methods within undeveloped countries. Over 90% of these deaths are relected in diarrheal diseases in children. The intent of this project is to design a low-technology, low-budget, and unconventional water treatment device that could be used within the households of developing countries by accounting for all technical considerations presented within the civil and environmental engineering design process. The system will treat contamninted water designed to simulate that of developing areas and it produce effluent that is in accordance with the water quality standards of the World Health Organization. This project will require water quality and filter research, filter testing, system design, system construction, and testing of the device.

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Project Breakdown


A wide range of literature and water treatment codes, methods, and regulations will be examined during this phase.


Alternatives will be modeled and evaluated in each of their separate treatment stages.


Laboratory tests will be conducted to test for each parameter as specified in the competition rules.


The team will make their way to Tempe, AZ to compete in the PSWC 2018 Environmental Competition!

Our Team

Meet the members of the 2017-2018 NAU Environmental Team!

Alex Anzar

Senior Envrionmental Engineer

Shelby Carawan

Senior Environmental Engineer

Paige Reilly

Senior Environmental Engineer

Cameron Rhodes

Senior Environmental Engineer

Emails may be directed to the team members if you have any questions.

Our Advisors

Including our Client and Technical Advisor

Dr. Terry Baxter, PE, PhD

Technical Advisor

Mark Lamer, PE

Project Client

Special thanks to Northern Arizona University!

Our Work

Project Proposal and Presentation

Proposal Presentation

Design Alternatives


PSWC & Final Design

Design Report Process Flow Diagram Rules & Constraints Final Design Details

Project Management

Minutes Schedule

Status Updates

Status Update 1 Status Update 2 Status Update 3 Status Update 4

Final Report and Presentation

Final Report Final Presentation

Photo Gallery

Lab Testing Construction Final System