Vertical Agriculture

This project consisted of designing, constructing, and testing a vertical agriculture system. The end goal of the project was to develop a vertical agriculture system prototype that is attractive and can be utilized by small families.


Wilert Odem, PHD PE

Professor at Northern Arizona University in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of the College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences.

Email: Wilbert.Odem@nau.edu

The Team- Vertical Farmers (VF)

Matthew Schraan- Project Manager

Major: Civil Engineering

Email: mschraan@gmail.com

Samuel Just- Senior Engineer

Major: Environmental Engineering

Email: spj34@nau.edu

Zeb Davis- Engineering Tech

Major: Environmental Engineering

Email: zmd5@nau.edu

Chalmer Bitsoi- Engneering Tech

Major: Civil Engineering

Email: ctb26@nau.edu

Technical Advisors

Hydroponic Experts at Sea of Green Hydrogardens Store, Flagstaff AZ

Horticultural Experts at Warner's Nursery and Landscaping, Flagstaff AZ

Wilbert Odem, PHD PE


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