Residential Garage Addition

Project Objective

Mark Haven's home, located in Munds Park, is currently lacking a garage or carport. Team Hawkeye will evaluate the feasibility of adding a two car, two-story garage onto his current house.

The team will conduct code research, property zoning research, surveying to determine setback boundaries, structural analysis/design, and plan set development.

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Contact Us

Team Hawkeye
Coconino National Forest, S San Francisco St, Flagstaff, AZ 86011
P:(347) 463-7436

Meet Team Hawkeye

Garrett Chott

Major: Civil Engineering

Role: Project Manager


Daliza Jeffrey

Major: Civil Engineering

Role: Head of Drafting Services


Alhawraa Alhosaini

Major: Civil Engineering

Role: Head of Code Research


Client & Technical Advisor

Client: Mark "Hawkeye" Haven

Technical Advisor: Jacyln Zibrat

EIT, Structural Designer, Hubbard Merrell