Last Update:

Dec 13, 2016

Project Information

Project Background

The type of landfill liner is not frequently used throughout America. Because of the unique nature of the liner, extensive research is required. Each member of the team will be tasked with conducting research off the clock to obtain a better understanding of the project as a whole. The team will utilize multiple different resources available to them including engineering journals on geotechnical lab results. The team will also review previous landfill liner capstone teams to determine what has already been completed and what work still needs to be completed. Research will be conducted to improve the efficiency of the liner as well as reduce the amount of problems in the future.
The landfill is located approximately 8 miles Northeast of Flagstaff on highway 89 and Landfill Road in Coconino County, Arizona. Figure 1 shows the overhead view of the landfill’s location.

Project Purpose

The purpose of the landfill liner project is to create a liner for Cinder Lake landfill, made out of materials that are entering the landfill. The landfill liner will be designed using cost-effective materials and techniques. Fly ash, paper pulp sludge, and polymers are the main materials that will be used in the construction of the landfill liner. Previous materials must withstand shear and hydraulic forces applied on them by the landfill. The team will test samples from fly ash, paper pulp sludge, and polymers to develop a landfill liner that meets and exceeds the given constraints and criteria. The new liner would be beneficial because it is a lot cheaper than existing liners. This would allow for the landfills to reallocate their cash flow and make improvements to the landfill as a whole. The new liner would be using materials currently entering the landfill, which would reduce the amount of materials present in the landfill over time. This would help extend the life of the landfill.