Jerome Traffic Study

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Currently, the Town of Jerome is in need of repair and requires maintenance improvements to its internal road system. The increase in tourism has put pressure on parking and traffic services throughout the town, and led to congestion and wearing down of the roads. It is understood that one of the main concerns of the town is that the existing parking space is not sufficient to sustain the high demand for parking as tourism increases and affects the traffic circulation throughout Jerome. A project to modify the existing parking in Jerome is being performed in order to meet the increasing parking demand brought on by local tourism and to enhance the traffic flow along State Route 89A.

K.A.S.T. Engineering Team

Bethany Kieffer

Project Engineer [Site Lead]

Civil Engineering Major

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Saud Al Dandan

Project Engineer [Analyst]

Civil Engineering Major

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Hashim Sabyah

Project Engineer [Analyst]

Civil Engineering Major

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Cristian Tafoya

Project Engineer [Drafter]

Civil Engineering Major

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Albert Sengstock

Arizona Zoning Administrator (Town of Jerome)



Technical Advisor

Edward J. Smaglik, Ph.D., P.E.

Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator