Duncan Floodplain Analysis


Project Description

Hydro Engineering is continuing a flood study completed by NAU Crown Engineering in the fall of 2015. The previous study used a flood simulation with HEC-RAS. From these models, the current flood prevention method and model containing a levee was analyzed. The HEC-RAS simulation provided one dimensional analysis of the flow of the river was only done in one-dimension. The client has asked for the study to be continued with a two dimensional simulation. The two dimensional study analyzes flow in the lateral and horizontal directions, which will provide more realistic results.


Greenlee County Engineer

Phillip Ronnerud, P.E.

Technical Advisor

Thomas Loomis, P.E., RLS, CFM


Jordan Rae Aguirre

Civil Engineering

Farraj Alharbi

Civil Engineering

James Huggins

Civil Engineering

Tyler Saganitso

Civil Engineering