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Project Understanding
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The Mission
Ponderosa Designs is an engineering design team from Flagstaff, Arizona. The mission of the team is to conduct a feasibility study for the town of Duncan, Arizona as a result of the flooding that occurs historically here. The objective of this project is to provide the town with flood mitigation options that can be implemented and used for protection.
Project Description
Ponderosa Designs will complete a feasibility study on the existing floodplain conditions surrounding Duncan, Arizona. This team will conclude the work of the past two capstone teams by modifying the existing data under the guidance of our tech advisor Tom Loomis. The team will also apply existing site conditions to increase the accuracy of the results. Ponderosa Designs will provide options to the client based upon the results with respect to the monetary and cultural concerns of the town.
The Client

Phillip Ronnerud, P.E.

Greenlee County Engineer

Email: pronnerud@co.greenlee.az.us

Technical Advisors

Thomas Loomis, P.E., RLS, CFM, Hydrologist

Email: trl@mail.maricopa.gov

Wilbert I. Odem, Jr., Ph.D., P.E.

Email: Wilbert.Odem@nau.edu

Meet the Team
Photo Credit: Ponderosa Designs

Name: Colin Bitsoie

Major: Civil Engineering

Email: cb853@nau.edu

Name: Andrew Smith

Major: Environmental Engineering

Email: als583@nau.edu

Name: Thomas Whelan

Major: Civil Engineering

Email: tgw28@nau.edu

Name: Sydney Schumacher

Major: Civil Engineering

Email: sms76@nau.edu