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Use of Cold-Weather Simulation to Analyze Concrete-Rock Interface Behavior

Updated December 14, 2017


The most common source of failure for tunnel lining occurs at the excavated surface. In turn, the following research was developed to confront the problems associated with cold weather climate’s effect on concrete and the adhering connection between the concrete and the excavated rock surface. An analysis of the interface between concrete and three types of rock surfaces will be tested in respect to the bonding strength. Then the specimens will be subjected to freeze-thaw cycles in order to simulate one year of freezing and thawing and undergo bonding testing in order to determine the rate at which adhesion strength is lost when undergoing cold weather environment. The results of this project are to be determined based on the observations and data obtained to date.

Client / Technical Advisor

Dr. Ho

Dr. Chun- Hsing Jun Ho.

Chun-Hsing. Ho@nau.edu

Team Information

Joshua Barger

Major: Civil Engineering

Email: Josh@nau.edu

Kenya Photo

Kenya Avina

Major: Civil Engineering

Email: Ka729@nau.edu

Mitchell Picure

Mitchell Geier

Major: Civil Engineering

Email: Mag523@nau.edu