Since 2016, Ecovestor has become an essential part of the Flagstaff community by promoting innovative ideas that enhance the future. Through a variety of engineering services, we use the latest technologies to improve the way our communities run. We serve clients across various sectors with practical engineering services.

Our Team

Khaled Alali is a senior environmental engineering major, graduating from Northern Arizona University in May 2017. He hopes to pursue a career in environmental engineering in his home country, Kuwait. Khaled Alali left Kuwait to study in the United State on a scholarship sponsored by the Kuwaiti government after graduating from New English School.

Michelle Kuhnis a senior Environmental Engineering Student at Northern Arizona University. I'm a transfer student from New York. My interest include hiking, kayaking, spelunking and horseback riding.

Ryne Flanagan has travelled to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina and conducted research on the Argentinian Beagle Channel and Bay of Ushuaia. He will soon be graduating from Northern Arizona University with an Bachelor of Science, Environmental Engineering and Bachelor of Art, Modern Languages - Emphasis in Spanish on May 2017.

JC Acuna is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Engineering. After graduation he will be moving to Portland, Oregon and continue to work on water and air quality technology.


Photographer: Yifan Zhu and Elizabeth Glass

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