Allen Lake Restoration

Team Flaming Bunnies


The team Flaming Bunnies will be conducting an analysis, in order to determine the feasability of resoting Allen Lake to its original wetland function. In the 1980's Arizona Game and Fish utilized explosives and excavators to create the pinwheel shap that Allen Lake is known for.

During the attempted improvements to the seasonal lake, Arizona Game and Fish punctured through the water retaining clay layer. Due to this the seasonal lake/wetland has seen a sharp decline in both water retention and wetland plant species. Team Flaming Bunnies, in coordination with the Forest Service, will conduct an analysis, in order to develop a feasable plan to restore Allen Lake to its historical function.

Client Information

1Thomas Runyon
8738 Ranger Road
Happy Jack, AZ 86024

Thomas Runyon is a hydrologist with the forest service located in Flagstaff Arizona. Mr. Runyon is in charge of the restoration efforts of Allen Lake.


Team Information

7Skylar Clemons

Civil Engineering Student

Team Role: Main contact between the group and the client Thomas Runyon.

Contact Information: Phone: 602-317-9238 Resume. Biography.




Brando Guitierrez

Envrionmnetal Engineering Student

Team Role: Cheif editor, in charge of submittals and deliverables.

Contact Information: Phone: 253-620-0158 Resume. Biograhphy.







Gabe Green

Environmental Engineering Student

Team Role: Lead Software and Lab Technician.

Contact Information: Phone: 602-692-5623 Resume. Biography.



Technical Advisor's Information:


Dr. Wilbert Odem

Tech Advisor/ Grader

Contanct Information:





Kit MacDonald

Soil Scientist - Kaibab National Forest

Contact Information:





Gerjen Slim

Lab Manager - Northern Arizona University

Contact Information:





Pete Page

General Contractor

Contact Information: