Project Background

Peach Springs is currently divided by the railroad that passes through the city; this division separates the north and south side of the city. The north side of Peach Springs contained the fire station, hospital & for many there respective place of work. Due to this many citizens and vehicles crossing the tracks in a dangerous manner, Peach Springs as part of the long range transportation plan provided by the stakeholder is investing into a structure to allow not only pedestrians to cross the railroad but for vehicles to be able to cross safely.

Flag-Tech Team

Jonathan Melendez, Senior Engineer (Civil Engineering Major, Mechanical Engineering Minor, Mathematical Minor)


Photo Credit : Tyler Miranduh

Yiyang Chen, Project Engineer (Civil Engineering Major)


Photo Credit: Yuliang Wang


Yuliang Wang, Engineering Intern (Civil Engineering Major)


Photo Credit: Yingjie Zhang

John Tingerthal, MSCE, EDD, PE. (Technical Advisor)


Photo Credit: NAU

Kevin Davidson (Hualapai Tribe Planning & Economic Development Director)


Photo Credit: Peach Spring City Website

Philip Wisely, P.E. (Public Services Director)




Proposal Presentation

Final Proposal

Critical Path

Gantt Chart

Project Information: