Transposition Engineering is an engineering team founded in August, 2015. We specialize in lab work regarding material behavoir. We are well versed in Geotechnical Engineering and have extensive hands on lab experience. Currently, we are working with the City of Flagstaff to develop a new material to be used within Landfill Liners. More on the Landfill Liner Information can be found below.


Cinder Lakes Landfill is the only municipal Landfill within Coconino County. As population within the county increases, space within the Landfill is rapidly decreasing. This caused City of Flagstaff to propose plans for a new Landfil on site. This new landfill will be equipped with a Liner, which will be made out of a combination of Paper Pulp Millings and Coal Fly Ash.


Matt Moreles, Senior Project Engineer, CInder Lakes Landfill

Technical Advisors

Gary Slim, Lab Manager, Northern Arizona Univeristy

Meet the Team

Jessika Gloor, Enivornmental Engineering, Team Leader, Email

Steven Hoff, Civil Engineering, Lab Testing and Procedures, Email

Patrick Bridgman, Environemntal Engineering, Background Research, Email

Lamyaa Alrumaidhin, Civil Engineering, Lab Aid, Email


Last Updated 12/15/15