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Team Leader: Fatemah Husain



Project Details


Background Info

The Summit HOA channel is located in Flagstaff, Arizona on Pullium Road and is adjacent to three properties. Figure 1 shows channel and culverts location and flow direction.
Ponderosa Trails was established as community of different residential uses geared towards homeowners. Ponderosa Trails created Development Standards to make sure all homeowners follow the design and construction regulations. This will result in compatible neighborhoods and improved surrounding environment. A Section of The Ponderosa Trails residential Development Standards consists of site planning and landscape guidelines. These guidelines will be beneficial for designing the channel to avoid any violation.

Figure 1: Flow direction and culverts location



The clients: Mr. Mark Lamer, Cynthia Lamer, and Jennifer Olsen.

Summit HOA at Ponderosa Trail

City of Flagstaff     

Scope of Services

Preliminary Research


Geotechnical Design

Drainage Design

Structural Design

Project Management

Technichal Analysis

In order to approach with the design, several analysis were done. The team applied site analysis that includes surveying and geotechnical analysis to understand the channel condition and get the important parameters of the channel. Hydrological analysis is also applied to get the site precipitation data. 

Design Restrictions

Artificial Channels:

1- All artificial open channels drainage systems shall be designed for the 25-year design storm and checked with the 100-year design storm

2-Channel side slopes shall not be steeper than 3H:1V

3-Channel depth shall not exceed 3 feet in residential areas.

4- The minimum allowable channel slope is 0.5%

5- Minimum freeboard is 1 foot

Storm Drain:

1-The minimum Design Frequency for all public storm drain shall be the 10-year design storm, and should be checked for 100-year design storm

2- The minimum acceptable diameter for any public storm drain is 18 in

3-The minimum allowable storm drain slope for pipes is 0.5%

4- Curved storm drain maybe permitted when long radius curves are necessary to conform street layout; the minimum radius shall not be less than 100 feet

5- Minimum pipe cover is 2 feet and maximum is 10 feet

Retaining Wall

1- Height cannot exceed 5 feet

2- Frost line depth is 2.5 feet

Design Alternatives

1- Culvert Design

2- Engineered Channel

3- Retaining Wall Design

Design Cost

Culvert Design

HDPE pipe 18” Diameter Cost

160 feet


Pipe connections Cost



Filling Cost

190 cubic yards


Concrete Cast Cost

20 square feet





Retaining Wall Design

Block Retaining Wall Cost

908 square feet


Block Retaining Wall Labor

46.7 hrs


Block Retaining Wall Job Materials and Supplies

850 square feet


Block Retaining Wall Equipment Allowance



Filling Cost

99 cubic yards



 850 square feet


Design Matrix


Culvert Design

Retaining Wall Design

Efficiency of Design



Aesthetic of Design



Cost of Design



Client's Preference






Gantt Chart

AutoCAD Drawings

Final Design


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