Sinclair Wash is the product of human encroachment. Physically, the wash has been straightened and narrowed due to construction on both sides of the banks. This has affected the steam health negatively because sinuosity and a wider bed help prevent a supercritical flow, which in turn prevents scouring, plant life depletion and excess sedimentation deposits. Biologically, invasive plant species reside along the stream. Pooling water is present at all of the corrugated metal pipes at trail crossings as well as at the double box culverts, creating breading grounds for insects like mosquitos. Garbage and other debris along the wash facilitate harmful bacteria that eventually end up downstream. Also other type of documents will be supported later:

Figure 2: Sinclair Wash along McConnell Drive [3]



the only constraints for this project is that the boundary should be within city of Flagstaff limits.