Pervious Concrete Project:

Phase Two



The purpose of this project is to conduct research for developing pervious concrete mix design formulas. A primary concern is that the pervious concrete mix design formula must withstand the cold climate conditions of Flagstaff, Arizona. During the second phase of this research project, the team continues working on the project using results and mix formulas created in Phase One.  This project includes producing specimens, laboratory testing, creating the final data sheet and the final mix design formula. Also, the team will compare mix design formulas depending on which material they have: silica fume, and fiber.



Technical Advisor:


Dr. Chun-Hsing (Jun) Ho
Assistant Professor
Construction Managment
Phone: +1(928)523-5307


Team Information:


Fawaz Almutairi
Concrete Engineer
Civil Engineering Student
Phone: +1(202)725-2537




Fahad Aloqaili
Geotechnical Engineer
Civil Engineering Student
Phone: +1(520)445-9076
Photo credit:
Fahad Aloqaili
Fawaz Almutairi

Pervious concrete, also known as porous, gap-graded, or enhanced porosity concrete, is concrete with reduced sand or fines and allows water to drain through it. (



Dr. Chun-Hsing Jun Ho Junyi Shan

Darius Ishaku

Mengxi Du

Professor Wilbert Odem Professor Bridget Bero

Dr. Charles Schlinger

Mr. Mark Lamer

Mr. Vere Harris







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