Mainpat Refugee Camp

Mainpat Tibetan Refugee Camp is located in the state of Chhattisgarh, India.  The initial population of the camp was 2000 in 1962; the current population is 1,825 residents.  The elevation of the camp is in general 3500 ft. above sea level making it the highest area in the state.  The nearest town to Mainpat is the town of Ambikapur, which is located 45 km away. 


Letter A in the map below shows the location of the camp.




Project Purpose


This project has two main purposes:


1- Wastewater component:


Design an on-site wastewater treatment system for Monastery at Camp 3.



2- Drinking water component:


Create a sampling protocol for the four field samplers going to Mainpat in December 2014.







Bridget Bero, PhD, PE

Professor & Chair



Cheryl Dilks, Environmental Engineer



Alan Francis, MA



People of Mainpat Refugee Camp



Technical Advisor

Alarick Reiboldt, MENG, EIT






Last Updated: December 09, 2014

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