Basketball Court Design

Project description


This is a site development project in the city of Flagstaff. The project is to design of a basketball court with maintaining the exesting drainage system for Homeowner Association Management Company (HOAMCO). The site is located at 590 W Cinnabar Trail (Ponderosa Trail Unit Eight), Flagstaff AZ, 86005.




Stakeholder, Client and Technical Advisor


Stakeholder: Homeowner Association Management (HOA)


Client: Dr. Edward Smaglik



Technical Advisor Information


Technical Advisor: Mr. Mark Lamer



Team Information


Adel Alnasser

Civil Engineer

Team Leader


Daij Alfahad

Civil Engineer

Technical Support


Hamad Alqalaf

Civil Engineer

Project Manager




Contact Info


Project Manager: Hamad Alqalaf


Phone: (714) 930-6438